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Tenders are invited towards the St Peter’s Church, Folkestone, Heritage Enhancement and Engagement Programme, 2018

St. Peter’s Church is a Grade II listed building, in a Parish in a low social economic area, at the heart of the Folkestone Harbour Conservation Area.

Over the next 5-10 years the Church of St Peter will find itself at the centre of a newly developed Folkestone Harbour neighbourhood. The new development will bring considerably more residents and tourist visitors to the Parish and Church. The following proposals will enhance the heritage of the Church, making it both more visible and accessible to visitors and bring the Church onto the cultural tourist trails being developed in the Town. This will attract more visitors to the Church and Parish, increasing the number and range of people engaging with the heritage of the Church and helping to improve the economy of the Parish. In this way we hope to meet with the demands for a wider public engagement strategy and to comprehensively meet the challenges on heritage assets likely to be made by the new development within the Parish.

Costed Tenders are now invited to deliver the following two community heritage enhancement and engagement projects for the Parochial Church Council of St. Peter’s Church as part of the current HLF funded works to the Church. Artists may tender for one or both of the following: