The Communion of Saints

The Communion of Saints (Communio Sanctorum) is taken very seriously at St. Peter’s Church, as we regard ourselves as an active part of it. It refers to the spiritual union of the members of the Christian Church, living and dead. This is made up of:

  • The church militant (those alive on earth)
  • The church penitent (those who have died and are undergoing purification in Purgatory)
  • The church triumphant (those already in heaven – the Saints and the Martyrs).

We re-affirm out belief in this unique union every week when we say the Apostles’ Creed.

We also re-affirm this through our daily Prayers, when we actively pray for each part of the spiritual union. As we pray we remember to God those alive on earth; we remember those previous members of our congregation on the anniversary of their death; and we also remember the anniversaries of the Saints and Martyrs of the Christian family to which we belong. Not only is this a recognition of our whole Christian family, forming the mystical body of the Church with Christ at its head. It recognises the Communion itself is as an active part of our life of prayer to God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Communion of Saints, maintains constant intercession to our Father throughout the dimensions of time and space.

vt-part-6-2It is also why, when you visit St. Peter’s, you will find a vibrant Christian family of the living. It is why, when you visit St. Peter’s, you will find memorials to past Parishioners in different corners of the Church. And it is also why you will see statues of our favourite Saints and Martyrs throughout the Church, serving as reminders to each of us, to strive for the Christian ideal which each of these men and women, in their own way, attained through their living their daily lives for the sake of Jesus Christ.

At St. Peter’s we have a special place in our hearts for: